Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the most interesting day for the fabtens!!!!

do you want to know the most interesting day for the fabtens!!!! well, for me i sure have one very very, thoughtful, full of anxiety and nervousness...its really from my point of view actually....


it was a slightly peaceful evening, slightly because all of us have examination. i was having my last minute going through notes moment.... :)
anyway, later i received a missed call from my dear friend (one of the fabten) in which i tried to call back.... and when she answered, what came through was just a short message....

"HELP, WE ARE...." hmmm, that short of a message could mean a million things really.... but my mind works slower that day and i was a bit clueless with the short message... i tried to call her back, but it was engaged.

so, i went to my dear friend's room, only to be greeted with

"MYNAME, help, we are locked in the room, we can't get out, somebody HELP!!!" she and another member of the fabtens apparently were locked in their room and could not opened the door, due to something that was blocking the lock.... and OMG, it was getting close to the time of the exam. i too became anxious!!!! HELP!!!!!

of course, others came too, hearing the commotion. and we all tried to open the door from the outside, nothing came out from that effort though, just sweats. and it was in the middle of the day, so the office was not opened. OH DEAR, What rotten luck we have!!!! ESPECIALLY THE ONE WHO WERE LOCKED INSIDE THE ROOM.

However, a dear neighbour of ours came to the rescue, and helped us call the people who could help us with the JAMMED door. and our dear friends were freed from their so-called jail (for 45minutes of that day) in the nick of time to get to the exam!!! YAY GUYS!!!

A brief interview with my friend and her quote was that "It was the MOST STRESSFUL, SCARIEST, TRAUMATIC moment of my life. I cried a bit."

The FORTUNATE reporter reporting for the UNFORTUNATE.... :I

-Thank you-


hershEy~ said...
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the fab ten said...

it was indeed a very traumatic experience 4 me....u didnt mention here that we were then 10mins late for d haemato midterm....sgt malu masuk exam yg paling malu sbb bley plak terpenjara dlm bilik sendiri.....haih....pastu gile menggigil tangan nk jwb soalan demi dr Thariq, sy gagahkn diri jugak utk menjawab....wakakakakaka....=D

SAYE (bukan name sebenar)

Aya-chan said...

poor gurls, what a traumatic experience they had..
dahla nk exam, lagi la stress kan??
but that memory will surely be remembered by all of us, rite??

hershEy~ said...

hurm~ i was there.. n with all the bangings i tot they were having a game or something ncuz we were all stressed out.. neverhteless.. i happened to stumble upon d same case..
but unlike them i wasnt in a hurry 2 exam or anything.. still experience in life.. rite dynz?? :D

the fab ten said...


apologies to **** n ****.

i tot u guys were having fun banging d door

yela,igt korg release tension ke kan wat cmtu

malas la nk interrupt


"i'll be alert wif any sorts of banging from now on.ok.tipu"


dynz said...

SAYE - still menggigil ker? sebab eja nama dr tariq pun slh....

Aya-chan - the horror of hearing them shouting at me would still be imprinted inside my memory.... terkejut tau!!!!

hershey - a'ah, blh la citer kat cucu diaorg nanti...
"dulukan, nenek pernah terkunci dlm bilik.... stress betul nenek waktu tu, cucu.... so, nenek pesan ngan cucu nenek supaya berjaga-jaga dgn pintu yer..."

donuts - fun? hmmm, nah... dgn cara diaorg menjerit minta tolong... agak menakutkan ader la.

KiRaNa said...

aik, mcm kenal je sape 'saye' tu..
k next year, 17/02/2010, kita wat ulang tahun pertama peristiwa tu ye..=p
n 'saye' kena belanja makan..huhu..

Lady in Blue said...

seb baek dr.tariq xdtg time xm aritu..klo x msti xleh amik xm. he~

aRiff said...

Fab Ten...Fat Ben...Bet Fan...Fan Bet...sori...saje nak ngarut...

Anonymous said...

sgt laaa traumatising!
the moment i knew my rumies were trapped inside and i was unable to get mind went blank like hell.i just wanted the day to end biarpun menggelata' tgn nulis.papepn,alhamdulillah sume slamat.

Aya-chan said...

kirana, tambah sorg lg yg belanja..
sbb yg terkunci tu kn 2 org, so both la blanja kitorg yg len, hahaha..

'saye' & rakannya, jgn mrh tau, hehe.. =P