Sunday, August 24, 2008

they made my day

apologies 4 anyone feeling annoyed by dis post but i cant contain my excitement anymore!!!
(this is what happens when you're too much of gossips! ; ) hehe)

~here's what im talking abt

allie & noah are back 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(god, what an obsesser i am!)

love them,love them!

they r soooo cute!


peace y'all! gud luck exam!!!

xoxo gossip girl

Friday, August 22, 2008

short notice

assalamu'alaikum~ hey im back.. actually dunno wat 2 say.. XD
juz wanna wish u guys

all the best!
in midterm~

n 2 all my dearest fab ten (well minus me =P) love u guys so much~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

::Selamat berjuang::


Buat sahabat2 Fab Ten yg kusayangi..(hehe..)
Lirik nasyid ni kirana tujukan wat suma..

Selamat Berjuang
Album : Teman Sejati
Munsyid : Brothers

Malam siang berlalu
Gerhana kesayuan
Tiada berkesudahan
Detik masa berlalu
Tiada berhenti
Oh syahdunya
Sejenak ku terkenang
Hakikat perjuangan
Penuh onak dan cabaran
Bersama teman - teman
Harungi kehidupan
Oh indahnya..
Berat rasanya
Didalam jiwa
Untuk melangkah meninggalkan semua
Kasih dan cinta
Yang terbina
Biarkan selamanya..
Selamat berjuang sahabatku
Semoga Allah berkatimu
Kenangan indah bersamamu
Takkan kubiar dia berlalu
Berjuanglah hingga ke akhirnya
Dan ingatlah semua ikrar kita..
Hati ini sayu mengenangkan
Sengsara di dalam perjuangan
Jiwa ku merana dan meronta mengharapkan
Kedamaian dan jua ketenangan..
Tetapi ku akur pada hakikat
Suka dan duka dalam perjuangan
Perlu ketabahan dan kekuatan
Keteguhan hati berlandaskan iman..
Selamat berjuang sahabatku
Semoga Allah berkatimu
Kenangan indah bersamamu
Takkan kubiar dia berlalu
Berjuanglah hingga ke akhirnya
Dan ingatlah semua ikrar kita

Since 2 mid term exams r around the corner, wanna wish all of us, Hepi studying..
::Betulkan niat:(study kerana nak dapat ilmu Allah, study kerana nak dpt redha Allah..)::
::Bykkan doa(moga ALLAH permudahkan semuanya..)::
::n bla da study sehabis yg mampu, kita tawakkal kat ALLAH..::

"Rabbi yassir, wala tu'assir, Rabbi tammim bil khair"


Assalamualaikum sume!

well...lme dh x post n tgk hershey's post made me wanna write something...

hmmm...what's the 4-1-1 rite now?

world issues?~lets support our dear brothers n sisters in PALASTINE!do something meaningful...

olympics?~nahh...chong wei dpt perak je pun.still, free2 dpt rm300,000 is it?.hmmm...m'sia serba boleh.

gossips?~lan pet2 kawen!yeay!what's d big deal act?hmmm...xtaw r.

qoute :"The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party is trying to get Avril Lavigne's Aug. 29 concert in Kuala Lumpur canceled because they think her stage act is "too sexy."-AP. dis is definitely a yeay!why do she need concerts neways?ppl dont listen 2 her anymore (kejamnye)

politics?~may truth prevail!

in cmps itself...

iquest?~alhamdllh b'jln gak, but honestly, i didnt think i was better than b4.electric xputus last time i remmbered,there were more sports actvt which seemed more fun last time n dis time its only mediocre.

parenting class?~what's barren husband gotta do with polygamy?hmmm...

midterm?~dh nk dekat dahhhh!!!!Ya Allah, berilah daku kekuatan, azam dan semangat ytinggi dlm menuntut ilmu-Mu.ameen.

hmmm....dats all i guess!
back to boredom.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

hilarious experience

Heyya all good people! For my first appearance here I’d like to tattletale. this happened last thursday. It was fairly a long tiring day and I’ve got no energy to spare. I rushed back with the intention to get some rest before I snapped at someone. (Yeah yeah I exaggerate =P) well to wait hours before getting the right reading. Man! I hate power lab. Pity the little guy though. Our dear lab assistance sliced him up for a mere several centimeters ileum. I was imagining a dark lord of some sort. The spoilt was the dark lord was wearing yellow boots (there goes Mr. Phua Chu Kang XD) well it was brewing with storm for all I know. I was a bit worried upon our safety reaching our sanctuary.
Little did I know there was some sort of adventure lurking around the corner. Upon reaching my destination, I checked on my laundry. Wow! They were unharmed. Lol. Well laundry IS a hard work. Mind you I always found it wet in rainy days. (Obviously! =P). As I was busying myself with the whole lot my sleeping state brain clicked there was something amiss. Oh GOD! My top went missing. As I was peering anxiously for any traces, I saw it at the last place I want it to be. There it was lying ‘safely’ on a neighboring rooftop. Frantically, I scrambled to my feet to rescue my damsel in distress. (Not really a distress one she was =P).
Upon reaching the 2nd floor, I quickly grasped the nearest stick which was a mop by the way and tried my best to attain it. After several heartfelt attempts, not only I didn’t manage to take it but managed to get it far away from my grasp. Luckily I was quick enough to borrow a chair from nearest room. After explaining my situation, she gave it to me without hesitation although I can sense some sympathy from her. Here I went again trying to retrieve my top. If only I was brave enough to step down on top of the roof (yeah more like if I was reckless enough) which I was not.
Finally reaching my limit, this girl took pity on me and came out to see if I was any success. I was asking her if by any chance I can pour water from a bucket and she said unless countless of water drops i.e. the rain flushed it downwards there’s nothing I could do about it. Well, I’ll just give it a try I thought and persuade her to lend me one. (very resourceful is what I am- bragging =P).It was hard enough to carry a bucket of water with my slippery hands and unstable feet as I was so exhausted. Somehow I get a hold of it and dispensed the content with all my might. It worked! Yeay me! Lol~ returning back the chair and the pail, I explained my success and thanked her profusely.
After what it seems to be eternity, I got back to my room and stuffed my top in my bucket for washing as it was wet and dirty all over. (Man! Another row of laundry) There I was on my bed, finally absorbing the hilarity of it. Of all things I’ve done it didn’t occur to me that I’ll embark on such journey. If only I took the picture of my top lying helplessly there.(Sigh! Who has time to do that in such situation?) Too embarrassed to tell anybody I just keep it a secret. Right guys? (I think they would eventually but in the meantime just let it be somebody)

Signing off

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friendship poem

To my fabulous gal friendsssss.............

A start of a fabulous friendships....

A step at a time,
A vision in mind,
A mission at hand,
And a hope that lives....

Bonds were created,
And friendships were born,
Between ten (almost) strangers,
At the beginning of an end....

Fabulous friendship with fabulous friends,
Fabulous times that we have spent,
These little moments we will cherish the most,
Because they were precious and of little cost....

Let's hope at the end,
We will still be together,
Still in contact,
And still the FAB TEN.............

Sorry, not good at poem.... just want to write something for belated friendship day....
Is it on 2nd August, syd????
Well, this is my belated wish for friendship day....
And also a little something from a song i heard....

As we go on,
We remember,
All the times we,
Spent together,

And as our live change,
From whatever,
We will still be,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

to all my fab gals!

happy frenship day!!!