Friday, November 14, 2008

Artis oh artis


finally,exam sudah blalu (syukur alhamdulillah) n now, another misery lak kna tanggung: results of the exam!


okeh.straight 2 my purpose.

now,although i like to browse thru celebrity gossips, mostly sekadar pengisi mase boring (esp.kat hostel-utk dijadikn bhn sembang harian ngn member,which im aware dat means - ngumpat = dosa). but at the end of day, bende2 cmni pn elok sbg contoh utk dijadikn sempadan or self-reflection n slalu bharap x terjerumus dlm nonsense artists do in their life.

u guys must know bout the lovey-dovey couple, ashraf & bunga, rite?

something bout them really, really bugs me 2day n dat makes me loath them even more.seriously.

apparently, they got married last saturday n now they're in msia tuk kndri lah laki lak. so dis coverage i saw was in klia (rsenye, coz they must b from indon), showing them stepping down the steps of the private jet (private ok) they were boarding, pastu berdiri kt situ for photographers 2 take pics of them (cam ala2 Bush tata tangan kat org2 airport b4 departure ke mane2 ntah. dat kinda stuff la.)

okeh, yg menariknye adlh:

i) wpn its their business nk naek plane jenis pe pn, the way due2 ekor tu pose for the camera dpn private plane 2 sgt la memualkn. ade royal blood or something, i dunno. agaknye klu naek tongkang PATI slalu naek 2 mampuuiihh nk bgamba2 gitu. i saw arrongance.

ii) bunga was explaining bout how artist2 kt indon biasenye kawen sbb dh terlanjur, pregnant n skang org2 kt sne speculate r diorg kawen ats sbb yg sme. she denies shes preggers. fine, xheran pn klu ko pregnant pn.

n usually artist2 indon ni xde mslh ckp bhse ibunda diorg, occasionally selang ckp eng tp yg minah ni seolah2 bru abeh kursus english jer. poyo #1

iii) ape cute la 2 pakai matching t-shirts saying "just married"? poyo #2

iv) dis newlyweds disambut oleh member2 n guess whos one of them? spe lg klu bkn kwn baek acap 2 = sazzy falak. cm biase, nmpk la dressing die yg pure barat gitu yg xmencerminkn imej isteri org n nmpk sgt teringin nk tkar race, jd caucasian most probably (hubby die suke die cm2 kot). poyo #3

v) despite lifestyle diorg nih yg wat kte nausea, nk vomit (alhamdulillah, x diarrhea), they got married gk. i mean, prevent further maksiat. drp couple lme2, bpelukn, bcumbuan bla bla bla, kawen la kome.

vi) last but not least, bunga 2 xde r cantek mne. i think aizu's (plus me) waaayyy prettier than her kot! = ) seriously, upclose, biase je die. jujur ku katekn! normally, indon gals ni ade r striking features (putih (kasta tinggi2), slender bodies, mke licin etc) dat makes them different from us, gadis melayu, ni . tp bunga nmpk cm typical sgt. itu my physical examination of her la. dis means acap syg die bkn sbb rupe (awww), klu sbb rupe dh lme aizu jd wife die.

so, for my closing statement, mmg diorg xwat salah pn kt kte tp why i still hate them is bcoz of obvious things that local artists continuously potray - luxury, arrogance, their love for the Western (esp ppl cm sazzy 2 r), n need for controversy etc (korg pn tau) - tp hasil/contribution diorg for the country ntah pape. some, worth to be praised about, others, hmmm...baek duk kg tanam jagung r (memey, dgr ckp akak okehh?).

we're all humans. they make mistakes which i hate n i make too which Allah Himself may hate, even more. papepn, ini sume sbg pengajaran je. wallahu'alm.

au revoir!



hershEy~ said...

wow~ u sure read into them a lot syd.. =p

Anonymous said...

no i did not.
tau pn sbb tgk gala tv kt astro awani 2.

♥aisyateru ♥ said...


Mr Jagatraya said...

mcm dah buat kajian besar-besaran lak..

Anonymous said...

mr.jagatraya-xyah wat kajian that time, there were continuous news bout them...2 yg stimulate my posting nihh...= )