Friday, October 24, 2008

someday,call me DQ...

Asslamualaikum ppl!!!

come sta? hope evryone's fine. im surviving and it's a miracle! really, trust me.

wow, lme gle x teroka dunia blog nih...feels like years since i last posted.

hmm...skang pun kt umah n connection pn laju,so better post something.

to start, dunia campus is getting more hectic and full of tension! (as always and conveniently,just when u're days before the finals~)

dats why i decided to come home,find some peace and perspectives,even if it meant leaving kwn2 ku ngadap bro obama again n wat keje2 lab!

sorry gals,but i cant stand watching u guys 24/7...just need fresh air...or else,my mood swings will literally swing at u for no obvious reasons...hmm..itulah kekurangan ku,easily ticked off.

bare with me learning to become a better a person~ = )

anyhow,being home is always comforting.u get to totally let go one thing and focus on another dats more 'real' and valuable.

so,last nite,dlm duk lepak2 tgk tv...tup2 dlm info astro, "The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift" akan ditayangkn in a few minutes. dlm hati pn "yeay!!!gimme some action".
(wpun dh beribu kali tgk..)

long to short,the part dat wowed me the most was when sean went racing with DK for the first time kt parking lot tu...2 tell u the truth,for the 1st time,i felt like replacing sean n drift for him instead..adrenaline rush from just watching i guess.

neways,it felt fun smcm lak tgk depa bwk kete laju2 and then drifting.rse tercabar nk take over manual gear with betterment after dis and who knows,someday ill learn to drift?! haha

fyi,im an introvert but when ur bored, ull always need some adventure rite?dats how i decided to learn again to drive manual wpun dlm hati takut and mls nk ssh2 tkar gear when u cn tekan je minyak ble bwk auto.

trust me,after a while at ease,the thrill of driving manual is actually exhillirating eventho tpakse thn malu ya amat 4 newbies like me ble mati tgh2 jln,but hey,no pain no gain aite?

and that, like my father said "klu xstat bwk manual,cmne nk bwk kete like ferrari or evo?"
(yeah rite bah!doakn la dpt kete tu dulu.then,think about the driving!)

**and if i cn get the new lancer,the one dat looks like a shrk 2 plzz...i promise ill behave bah!

so,in short:

i.i hate 2 admit dat my parents r always rite.setiap y mrka kate 2 ade hikmahnye.
ii.when there's a will,there's always a way!!!'s filled with risks.lets jst face them n make our life memorable!
iv.better learn something than nothing.

lastly, all da best frens 4 da upcoming finals!!!



KiRaNa said...

seriously, jelous gler..........
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..nak balik jugakkkkk....

pape pun, enjoy ye ur weekend ya..
kem slm kat fmly..

bila nak balik uia yg terchenta nih?hehe..

Aya-san said...

btol2, i am soo tension too..facing the same face and doing the same things everyday... tp xleh nak balik umah like u did, huhu...

btw, gud luck 4 ur xm gals...