Sunday, August 24, 2008

they made my day

apologies 4 anyone feeling annoyed by dis post but i cant contain my excitement anymore!!!
(this is what happens when you're too much of gossips! ; ) hehe)

~here's what im talking abt

allie & noah are back 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(god, what an obsesser i am!)

love them,love them!

they r soooo cute!


peace y'all! gud luck exam!!!

xoxo gossip girl


(^_^) Lady In Blue (^_^) said...

allie n noah?
from which episode did they appear
i'm lagging behind :p

Anonymous said...

hehe..allie n noah 2 r just the characters they both played in The Notebook.dh tgk?

sje je gne nme 2 cz they were so sweet 2gether in that movie n apparently,started 2 bcome a real-life cple lak...lg r sweet! = )
but,sadly they broken up after a while 2gether.

so,now gossip columns' saying they're reunited again (dlm pic 2)...