Thursday, September 4, 2008

Specially for my fab frenz

Hey gurlz, it's my first time writing an entry for this blog (xcited, heheh... :P ) and for my first contribution, I'd like to share a video with u all... this is a video about us (the fab 10), which I created it myself... Actually I've started creating this video quite a long time ago, but I've just finished it recently... and since we now have our own blog, so I thought I could post it here... :)

But it might not be that attractive though... and I don't have any picture where all ten of us are there, so I just put any picture that I have and which I think is suitable... Anyway, hope u gurlz will enjoy this video... :P



Anonymous said...

sayu hatiku nengok video nih...
its like we're graduating 2moro mornin n we'll never c each other again!
but,we've act got 2 more hopefully colourful n blessed years ahead 2gether.ameen.

xoxo 2 the fab ten!

hershEy~ said...

man~ dat was sooooo sweet..
hee~ gud job mysz..
yup frens 4ever n ever~
4ever is a long time though.. u might want to reconsider.. lol~
im so bad.. XD

Anonymous said...

haha...good one hershey!

*cam xikhlas jer kwn slama nih! = )

hershEy~ said...

erks?? dat's not wat i meant my dear.. shudnt take it seriously~
luv u guys kay?? XD