Thursday, July 24, 2008

Group 5-Guluck 4 2moro!!!!


I'm Kirana, and dis is my first post..(sorry Dynz, I 'copy' ur words..huhu..)
For my 1st post, there's nothin' heavy input I wanna share..(nanny, no tips 4 make up,k..=p)
Juz wanna wish best of luck 4 those who'll conduct Pharmacology's exp 2moro..
iman, lina, mhfuza, fiyah n me myself, gud luck!!

btw, i'm really scared n worry actually coz 2moro i'll deal wif MICE..(d animal dat i scared most..)
i cant imagine how i gonna hold its tail...(coz its tail is too long..)
n i juz cant tell how i can inject the drug..
Help me, Ya Alllah..
Give me the strength..

p/s: "Iman, u like mice, rite?
help my part, ya?huhu=p"

(k nisah, continue studying mgt..
kwn2, epi studying mgt..)

by nisah_kirana

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