Thursday, August 21, 2008


Assalamualaikum sume!

well...lme dh x post n tgk hershey's post made me wanna write something...

hmmm...what's the 4-1-1 rite now?

world issues?~lets support our dear brothers n sisters in PALASTINE!do something meaningful...

olympics?~nahh...chong wei dpt perak je pun.still, free2 dpt rm300,000 is it?.hmmm...m'sia serba boleh.

gossips?~lan pet2 kawen!yeay!what's d big deal act?hmmm...xtaw r.

qoute :"The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party is trying to get Avril Lavigne's Aug. 29 concert in Kuala Lumpur canceled because they think her stage act is "too sexy."-AP. dis is definitely a yeay!why do she need concerts neways?ppl dont listen 2 her anymore (kejamnye)

politics?~may truth prevail!

in cmps itself...

iquest?~alhamdllh b'jln gak, but honestly, i didnt think i was better than b4.electric xputus last time i remmbered,there were more sports actvt which seemed more fun last time n dis time its only mediocre.

parenting class?~what's barren husband gotta do with polygamy?hmmm...

midterm?~dh nk dekat dahhhh!!!!Ya Allah, berilah daku kekuatan, azam dan semangat ytinggi dlm menuntut ilmu-Mu.ameen.

hmmm....dats all i guess!
back to boredom.

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hershEy~ said...

lol~ agreed wif syd..

wat barren husband gotta do wif polygamy? unless u consider him to be 'her' =p