Monday, April 21, 2008

::the first ever::

once upon a time, in a faraway land, far beyond anyone expectations, two girls were seen chit chatting happily,exchanging stories as if they havent met for a long time. they talked about soo many things. but nothing was ever going to be mentioned here.

ok2.merapu cm kerapu.
stop the acting girls!
back into action!

hello n welcome to our first ever blog


after all the plannings n discussions we finally (n successsfully) came out wif our own version of blog. and yes, its ours. we've been planning this for quite a while. and here it is. enjoy!


the fab ten said...

i really like the colour!
so girlie n cute,cm ktorg 10 nih = )
good job ham!

the fab ten said...

are you sure?
i dun think aizu is under the category of girlie and cute
though she is still under construction
what do you think we should start with?
i dun know anything about blogging!!!

ilham said...

nani:good job to u as well!btw,its ours dont hesitate to do whatev u like.bebas!bebas!=D

farah:ok fine, excluding aizu for the timebeing.hehe.sori aizu if ur readng dis.*dun wori,ur still under construction mcm farah ckp ;)* nway,the page can be edited n changed into a much nicer one.dis one is temporary. why dont u do d editing =)n believe me,blogging is fun n easy! ;) *m still learning as well.jom same2 blaja!*

the fab ten said...

lol.. uniquely us huh?
dun hv d exp in blogging..
but i'll try..
hehe.. nicely done..

Anonymous said...

ok i noe dis post is written by ilham..
ilham napew awk x posting daa?
a big question mark there..
btw welcome to the world of blogging..
believe me its not even hard..
n its really enjoying n xcitin..
juz write evrythin dat u like..
btw nape nani je postin..
since its a group blog..
i hope evrybody participate n
i really like to noe how the turnouts gonna b..

Anonymous said...

ok i mean the results..
how come-i typed turnouts..
mamai2 gle..

ilham said...

nanti2 la ch

awk tatau betapa byk entry sy wat cuti aritu

last2 org kedai g format lptop

ilang sume :(

tungguuuuu! ;)

ilham said...


saye yg kene wish awk dlu

'welcome to d world of blogging'

since ktorg mewujudkan page ni terlebih dulu ;p